Financial Education Parents Can Give Their Young Adult Children

It is not just older adults who could use financial advice; young adults need it too, perhaps even more. Young adults have less experience with money, therefore they could use more help. To have a better financial future they need all the financial advice they can get while they are still young. Here are some great financial tips that any young adult could benefit from.
When you are young and you still live at home you typically do not have a lot expenses. This leaves many young people thinking that when they get their first jobs they can spend their whole check, or at least most of it, on whatever they want. What they should be doing is saving most of their paycheck. This may not seem like the most fun way to use your money but it really is the best way.

Audrey Vernick & Geraldine Wilgus
Young adults need to create a budget that they can stick to as soon as they start earning money. If you are old enough to be earning money, then you are old enough to have a budget. This is something that they should have help creating though. Young adults will have no experience with creating a budget and should therefore have help from a family member. They should also make sure they understand the importance of sticking to a budget.
Just because they are young and may be on their first or second job does not mean that the young adult should not be thinking about financial goals, both long and short term goals. It may seem odd asking a young adult to come up with financial goals, but remember these will most likely change over time. It is important to begin when they are young so they understand why they are important and how to create them.
It is important to make sure that the young adult in your life understand debt, how it works, and how it can affect their lives. The more that they learn the better off the will be and the less likely they are to end up with a lot of debt. A conversation should take place about debt giving the young adult a chance to ask any questions that they may have.
Make sure that you also talk to them about other aspects of the financial world. These are things like the stock market, investing, and financial planners. These are all things that they probably do not need to worry about now, but one day in the future there is a good chance that they will need to, so getting them prepared now is a good thing. This way when they reach that stage in their life, they will be better prepared and will have more knowledge to make better decisions.
Let them know that it is okay to continue their financial education throughout all stages of their life. Do not let them think that they need to learn all that they need to know while they are still a young adult. They have plenty of time to learn more as their financial needs change. It is important to start while they are young and then continue throughout their life. Parents can be a great example of learning about finances throughout their lifetime by taking classes or reading books they picked up at the library. Young adults can learn a lot from their parents, and the financial education they can get from them is priceless